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Synergie Skin’s mission is to create skin health and confidence through exceptional skincare, harnessing the synergy of science and nature. Founded in 2005, we are a 100% Australian owned and internationally recognised company that is highly regarded by cosmetic medical practitioners and skin clinicians as their preferred cosmeceutical range. All Synergie Skin products are formulated by biological scientist and cosmetic chemist, Terri Vinson (BSc. DipFormChem. DipEd. ASCC).



The ‘Clean Science’   philosophy is at the heart of the Synergie Skin suite of skincare and intelligent makeup. They take the very best of laboratory synthesised ingredients and the very best naturally derived ingredients and combine the two in synergy to create highly effective, evidence-based, ethical skincare.

There are many ‘natural’ products on the market that may feel gentle and nurturing to the touch, but offer minimal cosmeceutical impact on the skin. Furthermore, even natural ingredients can be irritating or harmful to the skin if used incorrectly.

Synergie Skin’s key point of difference is that we harness the most effective aspects of both science and nature, based on clinical data and scientific expertise, within their Melbourne laboratory. They combine only effective and complementary elements in their formulations whilst excluding ingredients that will not serve the skin or are considered questionable. The long-term health of your skin is always their top priority.

All Synergie Skin products are guaranteed to:

  • Contain active ingredients that penetrate at the cellular level for optimal results
  • Be safe, ethical and elegant
  • Create a visible, positive change to your skin and your inner confidence

What Terri leaves out of her formulations is just as important as what she puts in. Although these ingredients may not cause any harm today or tomorrow, we’re all about the long-term health of your skin, so all Synergie products are free from:

  • Parabens
  • SLS or other sodium sulphates
  • Phthalates
  • PEGs
  • Propylene glycol
  • Artificial colours
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Talc
  • Oxybenzone



Cruelty free formulations are very important to Synergie. Alternatives to animal testing are not only more ethical, but also generate more accurate research. To achieve and maintain their proudly-held CCF Australia certification, Synergie Skin has consistently proven that every product and every ingredient is free from animal testing.



All Synergie Skin products are 100% Australian made and owned, with their head office and laboratory based in Melbourne, Australia. They refer to themselves as a transparent company, as they always welcome clients through open doors and are always ready to provide information about their processes.



Their company and its premises are unique by virtue of being 100% vertically integrated. Terri formulates, tests, and develops her products in our Melbourne laboratory. Afterwards, they are manufactured, packaged, labelled, and dispatched in their adjacent warehouse. Having all operations under the one roof allows them to carefully control each element of production from concept to shipment.

For this reason, Synergie can respond to industry demands and improve their products more swiftly than others, all with the highest degree of excellence. Clients can be assured that they are receiving the finest quality skincare and makeup that Australia can produce, with each order lovingly packaged by the Synergie Skin team.



Terri is both managing director and cosmetic chemist, possessing a rich understanding of science with a passion to educate. Her academic background in biological science enables her to formulate with a holistic understanding of all ingredients, their functions, and efficacy on the skin. From the initial concept to the final product, she oversees the evolution of every product she creates.

Terri is always at the forefront of the cosmetic industry and seeks to formulate only with the latest in active, ethical, and safe ingredients according to her Clean Science philosophy. All of Synergie Skin’s key ingredients are verified by clinical data and supported by sound science, not the latest fad.


ISO 22716:2007 CERTIFIED 

At Synergie Skin, quality is pivotal to all of their formulations. The highest standards of manufacturing are paramount to ensure their customers receive the calibre of product they expect and deserve. Their Quality Management System is certified as being in conformity with ISO 22716:2007. This is an internationally recognised standard for Good Manufacturing Practices in the cosmetics industry.

This means their manufacturing facility in Melbourne undergoes regular, stringent audits by an external body to guarantee compliance with this global standard. The production, control, storage, and shipment of every single one of their products is documented and regulated from start to finish. Synergie take quality to the next level to ensure our products meet and exceed their customer’s expectations.

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