Galvanic Current

Low-level current is used to infuse specifically formulated gels into the deepest layers of your skin. A direct current is applied to the skin with minimal impact.

    Lé Salon Medi Spa - Galvanic Facial - Hydraderm Cellular Energy - Lightening Face Treatment


    • Heals skin after surgical treatments
    • Improves firmness and tightens muscles
    • Increases blood circulation and radiance
    • Smooths wrinkles
    • Stimulates cell renewal
    • Lifts and rejuvenates the skin

        About Hydraderm Vital Energy

        This exclusive, 50-minute patented Guinot treatment transmits energy to the skin to ensure quick and effective results. The new machine utilises specific serums targeted for different skin types to help you achieve your individual beauty objectives. This treatment also incorporates oxygenation by thermal effect. The innovative heated electrode is calibrated to react with the Oz2 cream to boost the oxygenation of the skin.

        The Secrets Behind the Treatment

        Dynamic Ionisation

        • Offers direct penetration of active ingredients through galvanic current
        Thermic Energy
        • Relaxes your skin while boosting oxygenation and blood circulation. This creates a beautiful radiance that lasts.


        • To relax and stimulate blood flow and muscle strength

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