- 1920 -


Payot’s story begins in 1920 and is first and foremost about women.

It is the story of Payot’s founder, Nadia Payot, and her ambition to bring women well-being and her ambition to bring women wellbeing and confidence, to emancipate them and reveal their beauty


She invented the idea of facial gymnastics, which in the same year led to the 42-Movement Massage

- 1947 -


As her business grew, she moved to 10 rue de Castiglione and then set her sights on developing products tailored to each skin type, such as Pâte Grise.

1 Pâte Grise is sold every 5 minutes worldwide.” — PAYOT

Inspired by apothecary knowhow, we always strive to source ingredients that respect the environment. We focus on quality to respect the skin, and priority is always given to those that are made in France.



More Than a Skincare Brand

As a skincare specialist, Payot commit to providing women with products that boost their self-esteem and help them to feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin. Payot’s position: to offer ritualised beauty, the perfect alchemy between care and movement, a holistic approach to well-being to make sure you feel good about yourself. *self-confidence.

The Power of Motion

Payot have always centred on the power of movement: the essential roles of the hands in combination with care products. Touch, massage, knead … At home and in beauty salons.


After inventing facial exercises in 1920, long before the current facialist trend, we developed Gym Beauté PAYOT®, a totally natural, fun and universal ritual to stimulate the face.

In just 1 minute a day, your appearance and smile!” — PAYOT